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1 (985) 788-6255
1 (985) 788-6255

DJ's Lawn Care andLandscaping


Welcome To DJ’s Lawn Care & Professional Landscaping

DJ’s Lawn Care & Landscaping Professional Landscaping Services is a locally owned and operated company in the St. Tammany Parish area. We can help you all your lawn and landscape needs. We are the areas lawn care professionals. Our superior customer service and quality sets us far apart from the other lawn care companies. We are focused on our customers needs. We return phone calls promptly, show up for appointments and work to exceed your expectations.

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Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a free estimate on any of your lawn care and landscaping needs. Please be assured that we will always answer the phone when you call, and will treat your inquiry with top priority!

-Est. 2006-

With over 15 years of experience in the lawn care and landscaping industry, we are currently servicing over 175 local residential and commercial customers. Our state license, and years of expertise ensures that we are qualified to complete any lawn care and landscape task with perfection.

Professional Services Offered:

State Licensed to provide any lawn care and landscaping service needed. Anything from regular lawn care and landscape maintenance to one time garden clean outs, pressure washing and much more. We have expanded to now include: bobcat services, palm tree trimming (and planting), storm cleanup and restoration.

Why choose DJ’s?

Dedicated to timely service, with quality second to none. Our dependability is the cornerstone of our business and its growth, and we stride to keep your service a top priority at all times. “ Perfection to a fault” is a term that has been tossed around within the company over the years. A perfect result, outcome, ending appearance is sought to a fault, till almost too much time is spent. But what is too much time?

About Us
If you love walking out of your house front door watching the green and fresh lawn, or enjoy a backyard orchid garden at weekends, you know that to keep it proper, you need to maintain it. We love lawns and greenery more than anyone else, so we will be extra proud to take good care of your lawn and your garden!


1 (985) 788-6255
1 (985) 788-6255

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DJ's Lawn Care andLandscaping